6th SenSe Wristband

The first wearable thinked and designed for dementia patients with no more communication abilities for pain detection and assessment

Bringing voice to silent Pain

6th SenSe bring a concrete answer to the doubt about the health status of persons who can no more express or explain their pain and discomfort. It is a unique device answering the challenge of pain detection and assessment dedicated to patients who lost their communication abilities due to dementia and other cognitive disorders.

What does 6th SenSe do?

Continuous Monitoring

6th SenSe is a flexible wristband that can be worn 24/7. It monitors vitals and provides you with data that are used to inform about discomfort and pain level, leading to better interpretation of status when persons put words on their feelings and status.

Personalised Pain Assessment

6th SenSe make use of collected data and of the DOLOPLUS algorithms to refine and personalise the pain assessmenet scale. It can distinguish between normal Demntia crisis (BPSD) and the reaction to pain and discomfort.

Ethical, Private and Human centric

All collected data and processing results are stored locally. All data is owned and accessible by the proprietary and results are presented in a comprhensive and an easy to understand interface. It reduces to care stress burden and increases patients wellbeing.

Detecting discomfort and pain

Studies show that only 42% of people with dementia are diagnosed for pain and illeness. More than half of them are only given antipsychotic medication where a simple analgesic is enough.

The difficulty of detecting pain when the dementia provoke the loss of communication can lead to a severe complications. 6th Sense, discharges family and medical caregivers from doubts, missunderstanding and care burden by giving an accurate and precise pain assessment and alerting carers about any changer in the patient status.

Reconnect Feelingling understanding for a better wellbeing

We're a team that adore what we do

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    Mehdi Snene, CEO

    Senior scientist with a large experience in signal Processing and medical devices.

    Team Member

    Astrid Stuckelberger.

    Specialist of Anti-age Medicine.

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